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We’ve developed new, flexible ways of working based on what clients demand.


Everything you need to get started; just add or “bolt on” glamping to your existing business. As your partner, we help you to you run it, maximising revenue and creating the best guest experience. Leave everything to us during design and specification: we’ll also handle building and installation of all the pods, including decking, etc. No need to worry, either, about fixtures and fittings or anything else the pods need to be guest-ready.

Away from the site, we’ll market the offering – website, videos, photography – freeing you to focus on running the business. And if you need extra training, we can help with that as well.


One size doesn’t fit all, and if you want to create something individual and unique, but you’re not sure where and how you can do this, then this is the service for you.

Our team of specialists allows you to access years of experience to make the right business decisions. This is not a pick-and-mix service, if we’re going to partner with you we’re in it for the long run. We want to ensure you get value for money for our services, get there quicker, save money on set-up costs and generate a great return on investment.


We are a young, growing company. We know the value of learning, and of feeling part of something. As we grow there’ll be new opportunities, and regular chances for all our partners to meet and share learning and experiences.

These are exciting times for us; they could be equally exciting – and profitable – for you too.

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Disciplines we cover

The best help from the most qualified experts. Here’s just a flavour of some of our services

Architecture & Design

Our landscape architects blend aesthetics with planning and operational perspectives. No two sites are the same: each project harmonises with its setting’s unique geographic and cultural characteristics. Our focus is innovation and energy independence, our interior designs are equally ground-breaking: many of our domes’ features are copyrighted and unique to the Glisten family.

Our bespoke consultancy service gets to take advantage of our award winning architect team. Developing something unique, that pushes the boundaries of sustainable design gets our teams blood rushing.

Sales and marketing

If you’re a franchise partner, we handle everything: marketing, photography and video, managing reservations, collecting payments.

Consultancy’s slightly different: our graphic design team helps develop your brand, and we’ll promote you early on to drive traffic. No exclusivity agreements apply, but we’ll both sell your site.

Installation & project management

We’ve all heard those famous words, on time, on budget on grand designs. Well keeping to these in the glamping arena is critical to achieving a great return on investment. Installation and project of several units involves lots of planning.

There’s always problems and issues but having the right team in place, and a realistic contingency is critical to spiralling costs and timescales.

As a franchise partner this comes as standard but the consultancy is offered as a bolt on service but beware that investing in project management could save you significant time and money.


Without our team’s specialist glamping know-how, your project risks stalling on the launchpad. Councils all have different ideas about glamping. Because of this, no one-size-fits-all approach works. So our planning team works closely with the landscape architects to make sure your ideas move as smoothly as possible from drawing-board to 3D reality.

Our bespoke consultancy service gets to take advantage of our award winning architect team. Developing something unique, that pushes the boundaries of sustainable design gets our teams blood rushing.


Our funding help is as crucial as it is comprehensive. Our experienced team first looks at feasibility based on the local market, and, subsequently, helps secure you the right financial support. And we stay with you, to support budgeting, help with cost control and financial reporting, as well as looking for efficiencies as the business grows.


We have built a trusted network of partners that provide preferential rates from everything from booking systems to the glamping structures themselves.


Once you’re up and running the hard work starts. Hospitality industry can be fickle with one bad review equal to six good reviews. With guest expectations varying with what to expect, it’s not like hotels, glamping is so weather dependant that it’s so important to sell the experience.

We provide full training so that you and your staff are able to provide the highest service possible to your guests. You will receive a regular site visit from one of our team to ensure that everything is running smoothly, and we are available by email or phone, to make sure that you always have the support you need to successfully operate your camping de luxe.