High-End Glamping Attracting Top End Family Market

High-End Glamping Attracting Top End Family Market

 Glamping is one of the fastest growing sectors within the tourism market and family holidays in many other areas are struggling to compete with the close to nature, outdoor experience and on-trend activity. This year has seen a further shift in the market with resorts, large land tourism business and some of the country’s major landmark and heritage trusts looking at very high-end glamping options for their commercial sites.  So how high end can glamping go?

Simon Thomasson is a Glamping Consultant that is currently working across the UK and Europe developing unique glamping experiences; “We are seeing interest from large-scale tourism businesses that want to diversify into a glamping offer for their guests but at the same time maintain the same quality, brand and uniqueness as the rest of the business. Some see glamping being for people who like the outdoors but don’t like everything that comes with it. I’d prefer to see it as bringing out the ability to enjoy high-end luxury but just in a unique outdoor living environment that connects the guests to nature”.

So to explore this further we took a look at what high-end resorts can offer. Glamping doesn’t mean tents. Glamping can be treehouses, cabins, domes and even underground environments. Glamping experiences can match traditional resort experiences with log burners, satellite TV, Wifi and executive chefs cooking on your outdoor grill. Shopping can be delivered ready for guest arrival or guests can use the restaurants, spas and sports facilities of the existing resort. Kitchens and bathrooms can have modern appliances and run from mains systems and cleanliness can be as high as housekeeping would normally maintain. Everything about the experience can be about outdoor connections using clever window and light technology, traditional materials, food with an outdoor twist and being dog-friendly can again give the high-end market a reason for wellies and walks.

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Simon Thomason continues; “The important way to approach a glamping offer as an extension to an existing business is to remember everything your brand stands for, the natural resources you have available and who your customers are. You are not always looking for a new market you are looking to extend your offer to your existing customers as well.  Explore many national big brand sites and outdoor experiences and there is a noticeable market shift to a more affluent market. Glamping is not a cheaper option to your other offers, it is a new option that can be priced accordingly. Be creative, create your own unique experiences and the guests will follow”.

 High priced outdoor experiences are seeing market demand and the iconic Instagram stories coming from these businesses are influencing more to explore the market.

To talk to Simon Thomasson about creating a high-end glamping experience for your resort, hotel, golf club, farm or spare land simply email simon@glistencamping.com

Eco design in glamping
Eco-design in glamping