Glamping drives growth for camping industry and there is no better time to get involved

Glamping drives growth for camping industry and there is no better time to get involved

In a recent market research report by Ariston, Glamping has been given as the key driver in the growth of the camping market as a whole and a surge in equipment and facilities needed to meet demand of both guests and new glamping businesses starting up. Glamping has seen a significant surge in the UK and Germany and is key for the growth of the Europe camping tent market.

The report states that the European camping tent market is expected to reach revenues of approximately $1 billion by 2023, growing at a rate of around 6% during 2018-2023.

The growing demand for premium products and glamping as a concept as a lifestyle upgrade for site and car-campers is adding to the growth.

So what are the top things that have made the change?

Wellness in a holiday experience

The growing need for healthier lifestyles and focus on an outdoor adventure experience is gaining pace in Europe.  There are now more opportunities to cater to the body and the spirit while traveling and companies in the outdoor hospitality market are focusing on the development of products that enhance comfort levels and match with the changing consumer requirements.

Guests can now enjoy tailored retreats that offer wellness treatments at campsites to individuals in the region. The different campsites provide different amenities, services, and wellness experiences in order to cater to different audiences and attract new consumers.

Glamping is now mainstream

The report states; “Glamping is referred to as luxury camping the offers consumers the comforts of a hotel while seeking nature-based experiences. The increase in disposable incomes and the growing need for suitable accommodations, flexibility, and connected devices is augmenting the demand for glamping in the European market. These luxury campsites provide extra room and amenities and are designed for better protection for its consumers. Courtyards, bathtubs, kitchenettes, minibar, outdoor seating, cooked meals, mood lighting, books and DVDs, and private deck terraces are some of the features offered by leading service providers in the European market. The increasing focus on improving the quality of these modes of accommodation is helping suppliers develop new products and gain larger market share in the European market. The attractiveness of these segments is encouraging estate farms and various start-ups to offer glamping opportunities and boost revenues”.

Innovation in outdoor accommodation

There has been a surge in innovative above-the-ground tents such as rooftop tents, treehouses, hammocks, pods, cabins and traditional nomadic designs with Indian or African influence.

The inclusion of facilities for cooking and living have been thought through in detail and fire, air, water, and all the human senses are involved in the experience as well as technology for life.

A wider appeal to new markets

It helps that UK royalty has shown a love of African glamping experiences and this has widened appeal to the romantic couples market as well as the traditional family market that has always been camping and now have upgraded to glamping. Fitness, wellbeing, and adventure markets are also now seeing glamping as one of the accommodation options of choice when on holiday. Targeting and site development has become more specific to new groups of guests and experiences are proving truly magical providing lifelong memories that are shared worldwide.

Simon Thomason a UK based Glamping Consultant concludes: “The proof is coming through in the numbers and research such as this reinforces that glamping is a great business to get into. I have had enquiries from across Europe from people committed to building great experiences and the widening of the markets, new innovation and wellness are exciting as it gives us so much to work with to create individual sites and businesses.”

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Glamping is a growing market and there is no better time to start a glamping business
Glamping is a growing market and there is no better time to start a glamping business