Are you asking the right questions when starting a Glamping business?

In research that looked at what questions people type into Google when considering a glamping business, these are some of the top questions and searches:

  • How do I set up Glamping?
    How much are Glamping Pods to Buy?
  • What are Glamping Pods?
  • What are the best Glamping Pods to buy?
  • Cheap Glamping Tents
  • How to start a Glamping Business

But are these the right questions and searches? It seems that when starting a glamping business the starting point for thinking is immediately the pods, tents or type of accommodation. Simon Thomason, Glamping Consultant and owner of successful glamping business Glisten Camping, has experienced this as a starting point for businesses.

“Glamping is actually not about pods. Glamping is about hospitality, experience, location, facilities and memories. To get to these elements potential glamping business owners need to start with their land. Farmers should look at appropriate fields and access, golf club owners should consider unused side land as a diversification to the main business, estate owners should look at their estate as a whole and consider the history, location and experience that could become a great tourism business.”

These are the searches that Simon hopes to see for businesses going into business in the future:

  • How do I get planning for a glamping site?
  • What services and facilities do glamping customers expect?
  • How do I make my glamping business different and get repeat customers?
  • Where should I market my glamping business once set up?
  • Do I need an architect for a glamping site?
  • What should I consider for access and security on my glamping site?
  • How can I utilise what is around me as a tourism experience for glamping?
  • What does great glamping look like?

“Clearly there is a need in the market for people to find help with setting up a glamping business as those questions are being asked. get help by looking at the right questions you need to answer first and what you need to plan first. By using people experienced in glamping you can save a lot of time and money, and for busy existing businesses looking to diversify you can outsource the entire process. Glamping is still relatively new to market and is growing at a huge rate. I am keen that the standard to provision stays as high as possible to benefit the entire glamping market. Glamping is ‘glamourous camping’ after all and maintaining that experience needs thought on how each business can achieve that in their own unique environment”

Starting a glamping business does not begin with searching for ‘pods’ (ignore Google). A great glamping business begins with searching for the experience you can offer and then surrounding yourself with what you need to get up and running quickly.

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